Sample Marketing Plan

Even when a home can sell itself, viagra order a good marketing plan can help it sell for more, faster.

There is an out dated problem that still stands at the center of many real estate marketing plans. Getting a home found online. I am here to tell you the ubiquity of online syndication of real estate listings means this is no longer the core issue. The core issue in a land of ubiquitous visibility becomes WHAT people see when they find you. Will you be found and favorited online, or found and discarded before an in-person showing ever occurs?

When marketing a home for sale, Colin Storm utilizes a diverse approach leveraging traditional and cutting edge online methods. His well rounded and fully integrated marketing plan operates like it’s own eco system of Graphic Design, Online Exposure, professional photography, and professional videography.

Colin’s marketing plan is about more than getting a couple photos and relying on the web to do the rest. It is about telling a story, and bringing that home’s narrative together through multiple channels bringing better results.

Northern Virginia Online Real Estate Marketing