Arlington Condo Market Stats

It is hardly surprising, but the Arlington County condo market has taken quite a ride over the last several years. Though Arlington provides a diverse inventory of condo styles ranging from townhome-style, to high rise studios; the general momentum for prices in the aftermath of the real estate collapse has been a downward slope. Occasionally there have been strong spikes upward that have given hope to Arlington Condo owners, only to have things take a turn and fall back into their declining ways.

In any down real estate market, condominiums tend to be the first to fall and the last to rise. This is exactly what we can expect in Arlington. That is not to say there isn’t opportunity for buyers and investors in todays market, but owners hoping to sell may find they need to wait things out a bit longer, or become a landlord for the time being.

By the way, the prospects of becoming a landlord in Arlington County are only improving as rental prices are rapidly rising, so owners may even want to consider becoming a landlord as a long-term investment strategy.

Have a look at the current stats for Arlington County Condos: