INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Agents Can Northern Virginia Home Buyers and Sellers Choose From?

I like getting clients. It is the only thing that keeps me in business. It is the only thing that enables me to do my part to put food on the table. However, I think a home buyer or home seller does themselves a disservice if they talk to me, me only, and hire me. I firmly believe anyone trying to buy a home or sell a home should sit down with at least 3 agents first. Not just any agent either, but agents they have vetted and who seem to meet that person’s major criteria.

What sort of criteria?; Is this agent usually on time? Do they work in my area? Do they work with the product I am buying/selling? Do they have a marketing plan that I think is appropriate? etc…

So, just how many Realtors┬« do you have to choose from in Northern Virginia? There are over 9,000 real estate agents registered with the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors! That doesn’t even cover all your options if you include licensed agents who are members of other associations, such as the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors which covers D.C. and Maryland.

What does 9,000 agents look like? I have created this infographic below to help give us all some perspective. For good measure I have made one dot blue, representing the one agent someone will eventually hire. How will you go about selecting that 1, ONE, agent?


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