LEAP and Arlington County Join Up For Energy Efficiency Rebates

Arlington County residents have until the end of July (2013) to take advantage of LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program) rebates for a Home Energy Assessment, and until the end of August for the Home Energy Improvement rebate.

Who is “LEAP”?:

image85785The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) is a community based nonprofit organization that helps homeowners in central and northern Virginia with home energy improvements.  We want to lower your energy bills, make your home healthier and more comfortable, and add value to your house. We are here to facilitate the process – we provide technical assistance and quality assurance.   LEAP is one of 50 local sponsors across the US who can help homeowners earn a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Certificate.  This department of Energy program has helped more than 250,000 homeowners achieve at least 20% energy savings and provides a certificate that can help add value to your house when you sell it.

What is a Home Energy Assessment:

In short; a Home Energy Assessment involves a trained professional or organization who will come to your home to assess and score your home’s energy efficiency. They will take account of the home’s weak spots including areas of low/absent insulation, and areas of high air leakage. Home owners who have an assessment and complete some or all of the recommended changes can see as much as 50% reduction in their home’s energy consumption. Arlington County and it’s inventory of 1940’s homes is prime territory for successful energy enhancements.

LEAP, with Arlington County, is offering a $250 rebate to home owners who complete an Energy Assessment with an approved Energy Star Partner by July, 31 2013. See the full details to learn if you qualify.

What is a Qualifying Home Energy Improvement:

In this case a home energy improvement is any energy improvement made to a home by an approved Energy Star Partner based upon the recommendations from the Home Energy Assessment.

Participating home owners are eligible for a 20% rebate of project cost up to $500. Projects must be completed by August, 30 2013.

Why Bother?

  1. In some cases a minimal amount of expense can achieve notable monthly energy savings.
  2. Today’s home buyers are increasingly interested in energy efficiency, so showing verifiable proof that measures have been taken can add value to a home.
  3. Many of the steps taken to improve energy efficiency also improve a home’s environmental comfort level, ie, reduced drafts, more even temperature distribution, etc…

So, for the something that, in my opinion, is worth the money without the rebates why not take advantage and let LEAP and Arlington County help you pay for it.

Thank you to Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment for the heads up regarding this program!ACE logo

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