City of Falls Church Is “Under Contract”

If you are driving around the City of Falls Church it might feel as though every home you pass with a “For Sale” sign has an “Under Contract” pronouncement attached to it. Well, there that is because most of them are, treatment in fact, diagnosis under contract! With an average “days on market” for single family detached homes of 7 in April, and still only 23 in May, homes in the City of Falls Church are moving more quickly than at any time in the last 5 years.

With market times that tight many sales are competitive, which is great for sellers, but can be a challenge for buyers who can begin to feel they need to make an offer quickly before considering all the pros and cons of a home.

It is a particularly tricky market for would be “move-up” buyers who have their own home to sell. In theory they can sell their own home quickly, but because there is no telling how long it will take to find and put down the leading offer on a home, those folks are stuck in limbo, as is their home which plenty of buyers would love to have a shot at if the owners could put it on the market.

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