After Long Wait Lincoln Park in Falls Church Ready For Action

If you have toddlers and/or pre-schoolers in and around Falls Church, VA, then you know the significance of this headline.

After last summer’s Derecho slammed through the DC area the City of Falls Church was left particularly damaged. This included significant damage to one of the jungle gym elements at the not necessarily remarkable, but adequate and convenient Lincoln Park. For months the damaged element sat half heartedly taped off and blocked while the rest of park remained open. For good reason the traffic through the park began to diminish and many I talked to wondered what the plan was for repairs, if any. My own family was anxious to see the outcome and get back to playing at our favorite local stop.

Well at long last (approximately 9-10 months after the storm), Lincoln Park has been completely transformed and reopened. I have to say, with the molded concrete tree structures, tunnels, nooks, and hidden critters all around, this will no longer be that functional and convenient stop, but will now be a park families might go out of their way for! With the incorporation of some well designed and creative elements kids of many ages have plenty to keep themselves busy, and our experience so far is that nearly all the kids end up playing with each other!

The wait was long, but I am very pleased to see that the City of Falls Church took the damaged park as an opportunity to give the space a completely fresh start! Though I neglected to get a pic of the toad stool/mushroom picnic tables, here’s a look at some of the new elements:

Lincoln Park Swings“Tree” mounted swings fit right in with the new theme, though we do wish they could have put in a couple more of them. There is an accessible swing included now, which is a nice addition.

TreeHouseThe centerpiece element is made up of poured concrete molds in the shape of trees and includes plenty of nooks and crannies, and is climbable on just about every side. It can get a little crowded in there, especially if wee ones get stuck after being surprised by the bear inside!

TreeHouse WideBit better view of the centerpiece element.

Tunel Tree HouseKids can navigate through0ut the park to even more hidding places and climbing elemnets, such as this tunnel and toad stools.

Furry FriendPlenty of hiding critters await the kiddos as they climb, slide, and explore!

Okay Cherry Hill Park, the bar is raised!

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