Freshbikes Mosaic District Location Now Open

Last Thursday I was on duty to watch our two pre-school girls, which included a morning in school and then a napless afternoon in the aftermath of the adrenaline from their first day. For their sake, and for mine, I needed to find something out and about for us to do. Earlier in the week I caught wind of the fact that the Mosaic District location of Freshbikes had just recently opened, one of the first store fronts to open in the new Merrifield project.

As a (now former) cyclist I was anxious to see the new shop, and as a dad of two antsy little ones I was anxious to get out of the house. It was a gorgeous day, so off we went.

Being one of the only shops open at the moment there was not much competition for street parking (there is ample garage parking, so parking should never be a problem) and the girls loved the open sidewalks where they could run free, and run they did. When we reached the sensors to Freshbikes’ sliding glass automatic doors we were welcomed by as much sparkling carbon as my mind could bear.

Fresh Bikes Mosaic District  Freshbikes

Once again, the girls were off. This time rushing past the Cannondales and Cervelos to the promised land of children’s bicycles and the tools of the worksop in the back. Instantly the Freshbikes staff was helping them pull bikes out, get up on seats, and more than patiently watched as they went, well, nowhere since neither of the girls could get their selected steads moving.

All in all it was a great stop for us, and we had a great time with the staff. With a leaning toward the higher end of bicycles the inventory at this location may not be for everyone. However, it will be a great spot for tuneups within the Mosaic District and surrounding community, and provides plenty of eye candy.

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