EYA Properties Set To Deliver Mosaic District Townhomes

If you track with TheBeltwayLife.com, or you have been a client of mine, it is no secret that I have been enthusiastic about the Dunn Loring Metro and Merrifield area of Fairfax/Vienna for quite a while. Long an underperforming, and under-developed island in the heart of Northern Virginia, the nearly open for business Mosaic District was something I knew would start bringing the area’s potential to fruition.

At this point it is impossible to miss the enormous Target sign at the corner of Lee Highway and Gallows road, and with several other vendors already signed up to open their doors (such as Anthropologie, Paper Source, and Fresh Bikes), the rapid change I have been anticipating is about to begin unfolding.

Coming to the party just in time will be EYA Properties and their “Townhomes at Mosaic District“. Located within the master plan for the Mosaic District overall, the Townhomes at Mosaic District will provide walkable access to everything within the community, to the Dunn Loring Metro station, and to several other locations nearby such as Merrifield Garden Center, and Silver Diner.

Model homes are now open at the Townhomes at Mosaic District, so recently I dropped in to check things out. Here are a couple pics from my visit, then below I’ll tell you what I love about these places:

Townhomes at Mosaic District

Model Homes are now open, and EYA Properties is now selling phase 1.


EYA Properties Mosaic District Kitchen

Generous kitchen layouts fit right in with a wide open floor plan. Numerous finishes are available.


EYA Properties Mosaic District Living Room

Score an end unit and you get a seriously bright and airy feel. Choose from a selection of hardwood colors (I love this dark hardwood).


EYA Properties Mosaic District Terrace

Every townhome comes with a private front facing terrace. About twice the size you see here.

Now, there is plenty more to see if you head out to see these homes in person, but here’s what I love:

  1. Solid: With engineered wall, floor, and roof systems, these homes are built sturdy and solid, which you can sense as you are walking up the stairs, or walking around the upper levels.
  2. Quiet: I dropped by in the middle of the day while construction was ongoing right out the back door. I could barely hear it, and actually almost forgot it was going on until I opened the door to the main level balcony.
  3. Walkability: Easily one of my biggest focal points these days, the Townhomes at Mosaic District deliver on walkability, and the walkable amenity will only improve as the Merrifield/Dunn Loring area continues to develop.
  4. Private Terrace: Every home comes with a front facing private terrace. Easily one of my favorite features.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Several features of the homes take energy efficiency into account. The list is too long to post here, but you can see their features list here.

Theres more to love at the Townhomes at Mosaic District. If you plan to see the properties for yourself and would like some company I am certainly happy to join you for another look!

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  • Ripoff

    Expensive. why you pay 5000 for open kitchen? It should be included as standard. Check your neighbor’s price! You pay 100,000 more for the same floor plan compared those who buy 9 months earlier.

    • ColinStorm

      I don’t disagree in the least regarding the open kitchen. As far as the value now verses 9 months ago there are a couple of things of note. I will say up front though, that $100k seems like an awful big change even considering what I’m about to say, but here it is.
      1st: when looking at new construction on your own you should always ask to see the comparable sales. Some builders will only provide this if you ask. This way you know what is actually an appropriate number, and you will know if what they are asking is out of line.
      2nd: 9 months ago the whole of the Mosaic District was a construction zone without a single open shop or venue, now things are cleaned up for the most part and several places are open, which changes the demand equation.
      3rd: in reality, if they are asking $100k more than before and units are still selling at that price that is not EYA’s fault. They have every right to respond to demand and get top dollar for their product. There is no obligation to sell every like unit at the same price.

      In the end I don’t think we can call it a ripoff if informed folks are still buying them at the current price. Any house out there is only worth what a capable buyer is willing to pay.