Energy Efficiency In Arlington: Insulate Pipes in Older Homes

This video is just the tip of the iceberg for quick, nurse cheap, buy cialis and easy jobs the average home owner can take on themseleves.

The topic of “green” living and improving energy efficiency is ever on the rise in todays increasing environment and budget conscious world. However, salve when so many of us live in areas like Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, or in DC it can be difficult to know how to put our money wear our mouth is. Improving insulation may not be possible in many of our “brick and block” style homes that offer little space in the walls to do so. Installing new windows can be prohibitively expensive, and quite frankly, only offers reasonable return if it is done properly (but that is another post), however that is a common place where home owners start.

Before  you jump on that window installation that will cost you thousands of dollars, look into some measures you can take that are far cheaper, only take you a little bit of time, and when taken as a whole, can be more effective at increasing your energy efficiency and reducing your energy costs than new windows might be.

For a look at a few more of these simple energy efficiency solutions that are especially applicable in the areas such as Arlington or Falls Church where so many folks can only do so much, check  out my “Beltway Bites”.

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