Arlington Housing Market Through October 2011

Boring. That sums up the Arlington real estate market through 2011 so far. And in this economic environment boring is good. This first chart below shows single family home performance vs. condo performance which looks especially boring, but admittedly things liven up a bit once we break each out in to it’s own chart (chart 2 & 3).

Admittedly the average price for condos likely reflects an actual drop in market value, at least in part. I say “in part” because high end developments like Turnberry Tower in Roslyn have been creating some erratic behavior in the stats for the last 18 months to 2 years. However, the chart for single family prices fluctuates far more based on WHAT is selling as apposed to reflecting a real change in values. In other words, the slight spike in average prices this summer was likely because more $1m+ homes were selling and not because homes that were selling for $800k earlier in the year started to sell for $830k.

For a more detailed look at statistics for your zip code you may navigate using the “Market Stats” at the top of the page.

Average Price for Arlington Single Family vs. Condos


Average Price for Arlington Single Family Homes


Average Price for Arlington Condos

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