Selling Your Home?: Why Your Photos Matter

As I mentioned in the sister post to this one about “Why Availability For Showing Matters“, selling a home is one of the more intrusive things someone will do in a normal life next to a major renovation project.

However, it is not only the in person intrusion. If marketed properly, a home and all its trappings will be out there on the web for all the world to see via photos, and hopefully a nice video tour. For some, this exposure is too much and they ask their agent to limit interior photos to a scarce few, if any at all. This isn’t the first time I have posted on this topic, but here are some additional thought.

The First Showing

Modern Kitchen - Green

In today’s consumer driven real estate environment, buyers are looking online to gather as much information about a home as possible prior to taking the time to go see that home, and often they are doing that on their own, without the guidance of their agent to perhaps encourage another look. Granted, this goes both ways, and if they don’t like what they see a buyer will not take the time to view the home in person. However, if you give them nothing many buyers are going to assume there must not be anything worth seeing.

If a buyer finds photos of an underprepared property, the seller has to hope the buyer can make the leap and see around them. With poor quality photo’s (out of focus, not wide enough, fish-eye lens), sellers have to hope a buyer will be able to see through them to the positive features of a home (a long shot). Without photo’s at all, a seller is typically forced to draw buyers in with price (whether or not they realize that at the time).

It pays to remember that in todays online world, the “first showing” of any property takes place while a buyer is sitting at their own dining room table, riding the Metro on their way to work, or grabbing coffee on a Saturday. Sellers should make sure they are being given the best opportunity to generate as many second showings (feet in the door) as possible. Professional photos, professional video tour, and ubiquitous placement online are absolutely crucial.

There is no need to hide anything. Every home has a market of folks who would be interested in buying it. Thorough and contextually meaningful photos may weed out some buyers, but it will also bring a seller’s key buyer to the surface, and will do so far more quickly than you would have without them.


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