Selling Your Home? Why Availability For Showing Matters.

Next to major renovations, there is probably nothing more intrusive to a home owner than listing their home for sale. Not only is your home going to be posted all over the internet for the world to see, you will have to open your doors to allow prospective buyers the chance to see the home for themselves.

Understandably, it is very tempting to place strict limitations on both the images taken, and the access you give to buyers. I cannot recommend enough that you think very liberally when it comes to both. We’ll talk about images and online marketing in another post.

Showing Availability

Home Available

All sorts of mistakes happen in the realm of showing availability for homes on the market. By over limiting your showing times, or requiring appointments well in advance, you run into a couple of key issues.

  1. Buyers have limited availability, and are usually out looking at property during the evenings. If you restrict your showing times to 6 or 7pm, you are making yourself a weekend only listing, essentially leaving your home off the market for 70% of the week.
  2. Buyers will often be in the car touring homes with their agent and say, “what about THAT one”. If your times are limited, or you are requiring advanced appointments you have just left an attentive and interested buyer on the street.
  3. When you require advance notice, especially early in the listing process, you almost guarantee buyers will see the home on their own, without other potential buyers leaving or coming when they are there. Nothing gives buyers a greater sense of urgency than a crowd.
  4. Buyers tend to lump properties together. If they CAN see the sub-par home down the street, but can’t see yours, they will lump yours with the other one and move on (though great pictures can help here).

Now, there is room in there for families with young children who nap and go to bed early, or who have dogs that don’t deal well with strangers. Even in those cases, be as liberal as you can. If you do that you will give yourself the best chance of selling more quickly, and at the best price.

Also, is there room in there for the buyers agent to keep a buyer interested enough to get to the weekend, or another time that works? Sure, but that is often a tough task, and that buyer may have the opportunity to see several other properties before then and decide to put an offer in for something else.

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable here?

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