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Let me first say this: Washington, DC is quickly becoming a very exciting place to be when it comes to entrepreneurship and technology. Monday night’s DC Tech Meetup (follow the ongoing #dctech stream on Twitter), lead by Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs (@Corbett3000 on Twtter) at George Washington U’s Lisner Auditorium made this reality very clear. I have been excited about the DC Technology scene for a while now because of what I see as a group of proffessionals uniquely capable and uniquely connected who can churn out practical solutions for issues of grand importance in the arenas of, say, healthcare, defense, and disaster relief, to name a few. What Monday’s DC Tech Meetup showed, is that if you take that same pragmatic mindset that DC is known for, and apply it to lifestyle solutions, you come out with some quite compelling applications on the other side.

It was a night full of exciting presentations and application demos, however, I have selected my top picks to show here. These top picks are based on an application’s practical use for the average city dweller, a criteria I chose in order to keep in step with my typical content here at

My Top Picks:

Taxi Magic App

Taxi Magic (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm)

To take a quote directly from Taxi Magic, they are “…the first nationwide free online taxi booking service that is directly integrated with taxi dispatch systems”

Taxi Magic isn’t just an app. Once  you setup an account, customers can also book their cab by text. Because they integrate with the dispatch systems directly, you not only save your own time by not having to get on the phone and book your taxi, but it also means you don’t have the time delay of someone doing that for you. The request goes straight to the dispatch chain and your taxi is sent on it’s way.

Now, in my taxi riding experience in the DC are, this doesn’t mean you won’t still have to give the driver directions to your destination once you are in the car.


Surc (iPhone)

At first glance Surc my look and sound like a solution built for men, but ladies, don’t be so quick to judge. So, what is Surc?

Surc is an app/case combo that turns an iPhone 4 into a universal remote control (Guy stuff! Right?) The app is free, and while the case does cost $74.95 (for now, full price is listed at $89), that is far less money than you will spend for a typical, off the shelf universal remote.

Here’s where, among other great features, Surc gets pretty interesting. You can load thousands of brand profiles through the app. So, at the bar and want to watch Raiders instead of the Redskins? Grab the profile for the TV, or cable provider box, and boom, you are in control!

Or, say you are tired of football (be it at home, or at the bar), and want to reclaim your Sunday? You can take the helm at will, and find the program of your choice, or, perhaps, the power button.

Parking Panda App

Parking Panda (Web)

Right up front, what I like most about Parking Panda is the fact that you have entrepreneurs providing a tool that can can make entrepreneurs out of anyone with a parking space.

What the Parking Panda web app allows you to do is A: take a parking space you own and offer it up for rent when you are not using it, and B: find available parking that others are offering for rent and avoid the hassle of garages, or the limitations of street parking, and actually avoid the process of finding a parking space upon arrival at your destination.

Parking Panda is currently available in Baltimore, but will be in DC, Boston, and Philadelphia soon.

Fast Customer App

Fast Customer (iPhone, Android)

Simply put, Fast Customer is a time saver. Rather than wait on hold for a customer service representative, Fast Customer works with thousands of companies to provide service that calls you when the representative is available.

Does this take less time to accomplish your customer service need? Not necessarily, but it does mean you can go about your normal activities while you wait.

The best part? The app is free to consumers. The app makes money by charging the companies who want to improve their customer service experience.



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