Arlington Real Estate Holds Steady Despite Increased Inventory

Back in June I took a look, with some concern, at the state of Arlington County home prices in comparison to the rising inventory at the time. Now, a little more than two months later the summer is winding down, and that rising inventory has leveled off and has begun a clear decline. So, lets have a look at how prices stood up to the inventory challenge.

First, have a glance at the inventory trend for the last year. Condo’s and single family homes had a nearly identical rise beginning sometime in March of this year. To be expected as the spring market ramps up.


Now, a look at the housing price performance in Arlington County during that same time period tells a pretty strong story of resilience. Though condo prices did fall early in the year, to then have a flat line in prices up against the strong ramp up in inventory shown above is pretty impressive. As for Single Family homes you can see that we actually gained some traction on average prices during a similar inventory increase. (more details after the chart)

As I always mention, this data is looking at Arlington County real estate as a whole, and that is only helpful to a point. Some areas of Arlington may have struggled much more than these charts indicate, and some may have faired far better. However, Arlington County homeowners have reason to feel pretty positive about the resilience Arlington real estate continues to demonstrate.


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