5 Great Mobile Apps For Homeowners


There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps out there, many of which sound intriguing and ambitious but fail to deliver meaningful results. In an effort to help homeowners find apps that may be useful to them I have gathered 5 fully functional tools here for you to check out. For their given purposes there may be better apps out there, and if you know of any please let us know down in the comments below.


  • All links are to the iPhone app, since that is what I use.
  • Some, but not all apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

With the first app representing what is likely the most competitive genre (Productivity), check out these 5 mobile apps for homeowners.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk (iPhone, iPad, Android, Gmail, etc…: Use Fee)

There are no shortage of productivity apps out there, and just as many opinions about which one is best. Be it, Remember The Milk, Wunderlist, gTasks, Cozi, or even Evernote. The ease of use, and ease of making your lists viewable in several different venues is what placed Remember The Milk at the top of the list for this post. You can access Remember The Milk on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Gmail, Outlook, etc… so the whole family does not need to be on the same device or service in order to access your shared account. One family member can update a grocery list from their Gmail account, while the other is using that list on their iPhone at the grocery store and receives the change, possibly without even noticing.

The Downside: Remember The Milk is free to download, but the service costs $2.99/mo or $24.99/yr.

Houzz AppHouzz (iPhone, iPad : Free)

What would a series of homeowner app recommendations be without some eye candy. In steps Houzz, a “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” according to CNN. Houzz is an app version of the idea stacked Houzz.com website. With over 150,000 design images, users can browse for ideas, store eye catching designs in “My House” through designated “ideabooks”. Many images include floating tags over given items that will tell you who made the item and/or where you can purchase it.

Admittedly Houzz is probably much more enjoyable on the iPad than the iPhone or iPod Touch, but you can do some serious gawking while waiting for your next latte. If you’re like me you might love this app even if you aren’t planning any room redesigns or remodels, however, if you are taking on some projects Houzz is perfect for you. The app is clean, and is a rare one that flows as well as you would hope.

The Downside: You might kill way more time than you anticipated in this one. Some of the images seem a bit dark.

SkyGrid AppSkyGrid (iPhone, iPad, Android : Free)

Let’s face it, homeowners are busy. Okay, people in general are busy these days, but as a homeowner you have the added element of maintenance, extra bills, etc. SkyGrid is a news aggregator that you can customize to your source and/or topic selections leaving the days headlines related to your interests a quick touch away. Getting time for the morning paper, or to sort through your Google Reader, or any other RSS reader is great, but each can be tedious and even overwhelming.

SkyGrid keeps things simple, clean, and easy to access. Not only that, in todays world of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, SkyGrid makes articles extremely easy to share.

The Downside: SkyGrid pulls from an exceptional number of sources, which means if you select something like “US Housing Market” you might get the latest information on Buda, TX rather than information that is relevant to your actual interests.

iDeal Meal AppiDeal Meal (iPhone, iPad : $0.99)

Homeowners in general are often looking to save some money here and there. All the more so for many homeowners in Northern Virginia and DC who have to dive in so deep just to get into the market. iDeal Meal is an app that enables you to make the most of what you have in your refrigerator and pantry without letting food spoil, or having to head to the grocery store  or eat out. Just let iDeal Meal know what genre of food you would like to make, and what ingredients you have on hand and it will come back with recipe suggestions for you. Granted, you may have to hit the grocery store in order to finish off the dish, but you will have gotten your money’s worth from your existing food inventory without having to throw it out because it has gone bad. This is not only financially savvy, but also some down home green living.

The Downside: Sometimes the results do seem a bit limited given the item entered.

Craigslist Mobile UltimateCraigslist Mobile Ultimate (iPhone, iPad, $1.99)

With homeownership comes STUFF. The more space we have, it seems the more stuff we have. For new home owners Craigslist can mean getting more of said STUFF in order to fill your new space. Craigslist is not new to anyone, and is a home owner’s best friend at times. Craigslist Mobile Ultimate is a natural tool to have in your shed of apps if you make use of Craigslist on an even somewhat regular basis. You are probably already taking your item photo’s with your iPhone or Droid, and you could do so with your iPad2, so why bother with uploading those to your PC when you can build and publish your ad right then and there on your mobile device. There are free versions of the Craigslist apps, and there are multiple makers of the apps, but the reason I like Craigslist Mobile Ultimate is that it allows you to do background searches and to receive notifications when postings that match specified criteria hit Craigslist. So, you can passively track the items you are looking for, or track your competition. Craigslist has a decent mobile site, but the apps really allow you to optimize based on your search and sales needs.

I am sure there are Craigslist Mobile apps for Android as well.

The Downside: You find one and let me know!


Have an app that you love to use as a home owner? Let us all know about it in the comments down below!

P.S.: I would have loved to have found a good app for tracking your home’s value. Maybe someday soon we’ll have that, but in the meantime you can access my awesome Market Snapshot tool that will allow you to track the market around your home. Click the button bellow to check it out!

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