Snapshot Of The “HOT” Version of The Arlington Real Estate Market

In my post the other day I focused on the mixed reviews that Arlington Real Estate is getting from agents. To speak to the “HOT” side of that conversation I took a screen shot straight from the MLS to demonstrate. Here is what to take note of:

  • “Stat”: current status of the listing, story which in this case with either be active, look or in some stage of the Contract process
  • “DOMP”: days on market currently, pharmacy or prior to going under contract
  • “List Price”: In this column notice the range in prices for properties that are under contract in such a short amount of time.

The image is just the tip of the iceberg as there are nearly 200 Active or Contract properties in the queried search (22207 Detached Homes). There are many more homes that have gone under contract quickly, and there are plenty that are sitting stale. Today I just wanted to make the point that the claims for a HOT portion of the market are real.

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