Arlington Real Estate Getting Mixed Reviews

Depending on who you talk to the Arlington real estate market is either really HOT!!!, or super slow. Which answer you get depends primarily on whether you are talking to the agent who just sold their listing in 3 days, or the one who has had a home on the market for 60 days and is digging for leads.

If we look at the chart below we can see that days on market for Arlington homes for sale is clearly on the decline. However, this mixed review thing is a pretty accurate portrayal of what’s happening out there. So, why such divergent experiences among agents? In my opinion it comes down to price. The market is proving that homes that are priced appropriately are selling quickly with buyers flocking to pick them up. At the same time homes that are prices just above market are sitting for weeks.

Arlington is a diverse and mature market with a broad range of improvements that have or have not been done on homes over the years. Some are tucked nicely into a neighborhood, others are perched above main thoroughfares. So, it is not often simple to determine the appropriate price of an Arlington home, but the variance in experience with today’s market is still as simple as price.

[And, by the way, prices are on the rise, which provides yet another hurdle for pricing appropriately. You don’t want to be prematurely aggressive as a seller/listing agent]


Average Days On Market – Last 2 Years:


Average Prices In Arlington – Last 12 Months:



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