North Arlington 3 Bedroom Inventory: Slim Selection

By the way: I should define what I mean when I say “North Arlington”. I am using the technical term North Arlington, which is pretty much anything north of Route 50 (Arlington Blvd.). I should also clarify that I am referring specifically to single family, detached homes.

Another side to this conversation is the buyer competition that this low inventory generates. As I have mentioned in previous posts, many homes are selling within days. This is because a number of buyers have seen what there is to see, did not find something they wanted or felt was priced right, so they are waiting. As soon as new inventory comes on, they are there and ready to pull the trigger.

This makes for a ripe environment to sell quickly if someone has a home that is updated to today’s buyer expectations, and is willing to price it appropriately. In buyers minds we are still in a down market, so they have a nose for homes they feel are over priced. Because of this sellers should not expect to be able to leverage this buyer competitiveness and inflate their price.

If you are interested in browsing 3br 2 bath homes in North Arlington have a look below. You will find far more than the 20 listings mentioned because I am not able to limit these modules to the level of specificity I discussed. The module is set to 3+ bedroom homes up to $900,000k, and includes homes that are in some stage of the contract period.

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