Are Your Kids Getting the Best Education Possible?

I saw this TED video below and it had so much impact on me that I felt it was essential to share it. There are school districts in the DC area that are not only some of the best in the country, but are probably among the best in the world. However, that doesn’t mean our schools should rest on their laurels, nor does it mean any school should have to drown at the bottom.

The impact of this video is very real for me. Though I am not without fault, I skated through the education system by the skin of my teeth, always just getting by. This was only true though high school, but through the majority of my college years as well. One of my complaints about my own experience is that I was forced through the funnel of what a select few felt the education process should look like. The reality is, the majority of our population does not fit through that funnel leaving most to barely make it through, and some far too many to not make it at all.

Ironically what Salman Khan and his team have done, almost by accident mind you, is create a new funnel. This new funnel has nearly infinite number of tracks leading to the core, and a very different desired outcome. To exit today’s education system your knowledge has to simply be passable, making the term “pass” embarrassingly appropriate. The goal of the Khan Academy is not simply “passing”, but mastery. As you will see, they are taking a goal that most in today’s education system would say is impossible, 100% mastery by 100% of students, and making it not only possible, but making it happen. Enjoy!

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