Give The Gift of a Social Footprint

I posted this on my DC Social Agent blog, but thought it was TBL worthy:

This is a post that is not only for real estate agents, but really for anyone with young kids, or who plan to try to have kids in the future.

Think for a moment of the great land rush that occurred in the late 1800’s. In some ways land rushes still happens in pockets where future development is expected, but nothing matches those original land runs.

Now take that thought and consider this computer you are looking at, this blog post you are reading, and most importantly, the title of this blog. Everyday thousand of such blogs are being created, thousands of new Twitter handles are being claimed, Facebook URLs, Facebook pages, website URL’s. The online land rush is raging on at fever pitch.

Now, you may or may not have thought about this as it relates to you, your personal life, and your business (if not, well, you should). However, have you thought about your kids in relationship to this online rush? I don’t know about you, but my kids are both under 3. By the time they are thinking about their online footprint I guarantee that everything related to their actual names will be taken. Email accounts, websites, Twitter handles, Bank account user names, you name it… gone.

So, I am encouraging you to think about the gift you may give your 16 year old 5, 10, 15 years from now. I am telling you that if are able to give them the gift of their online identity you may be giving them one of the greatest and most profitable gifts they will ever receive. Take it or leave it, they will have access to their personal brand, and the way things are going these days, that will be priceless. But, not only will you be giving it to them, you will have been able to protect the content associated with it.

10 Years from now we may not be talking about Twitter handles, and Facebook pages, but you get the point. I think it will pay off to be diligent about this online land rush not only for ourselves, but for the future generation that we have placed, or will place in this increasingly virtual world.



P.S. Don’t think this doesn’t apply as much to girls either. Increasingly women are keeping their maiden name after marriage. With more women receiving higher degrees and the increasing importance of persons brand online, this trend will only gather momentum.

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