The Clarendon Condo Roller Coaster: Let’s Hug a Friend

You know that seat on the back of a roller coaster? The one where you can’t actually tell how far you are from the top of the hill, and thus you are unaware how much time you have before the car reaches the peak and you begin the stomach turning decent? Some thrill seekers consider this the best seat in the house, the one where anxiety and exhilaration are at their utmost. Apply these same metrics to home ownership and the same anxieties are not quite as popular.

Ownership Translation

With that in mind, if you know someone who owns a Clarendon Condo, and has owned for the last two years or more give that person a hug the next time you see them. You might want to buy them dinner while you’re at it. Not only have Clarendon Condo’s been on a downward trend during that time, there have been glimmers of hope that have teased the emotions of owners, upward trends that begin only to peak and rapidly descend again.

Bend in The Tracks

Currently there is a clear trend toward stability in Clarendon, notable given that we are in the more sluggish winter months. Only time will tell if it is finally the lasting trend we have been waiting for, or if it is just another tease on the ride down. However, I am hopeful for our Clarendon, and other Orange Line Corridor friends. The urbanization trend in America seems to be very real, and seems to be picking up steam, which should help dig folks back out.

In time scarcity will prevail, and condo owners will find more stable track ahead. For now though, here is a look at the pricing history over the last 12 months, and then over the last 3 years.

Clarendon Condo’s Last 12 Months

Clarendon Condo’s Last 3 Years

Values and overall performance can vary greatly by specific location and condo type.

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