1021 N. Garfield’s “The Clarendon” – A Condo Overview

Essentially the hub of the Orange Line corridor, remedy Clarendon is also becoming the hub of Interior Beltway Virginia night life (and day life). Within the Clarendon area there is a great variety of living options including single family homes, ampoule townhomes, condos, and apartments.

Today I want to put a spotlight on the “The Clarendon” condominium at 1021 N. Garfield St. in Arlington. Just one block away from the center of Clarendon shopping and restaurants, The Clarendon gives its residents the utmost in convenience. Walk to the theater, Barnes & Noble, Cheescake Factory, Northside Social, the Metro, and so much more.

The Clarendon offers condos ranging from studio to three bedroom units broken down as follows:

  • Studio: 25
  • One Bed: 274
  • Two Bed: 105
  • Three Bed: 17

In 2010 there were 39 total closed sales in The Clarendon broken down as follows:

  • Studio: 3 Sales – Avg. Price $306,666
  • One Bed: 21 Sales – Avg. Price $383,510
  • Two Bed: 11 Sales (3 of which had 1 bath, the other had 2) – Avg. Price $539,545
  • Three Bed: 3 Sales – Avg. Price $629,339

Live in a Clarendon Condo now? Get a more complete market overview here:

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