An Agent’s Home Buying Journey – Part 2: The Lender

So, our home buying process continues. If you missed my original post regarding my own families home buying efforts you can catch that over here.

Breaking The Rules

Up until this point we have not played by my own set of rules that I use with clients, but hey, I’m the boss (of my real estate business) and I can do what I want right? Typically I ask folks to sit down with a lender to get pre-approved for a certain price point based on their financial position before we actually meet together to talk about a home search. This way we can sit down and have an educated conversation based upon a REAL budget and subsequent expectations, verses only working with a dream and a hope. This makes the most of that first meeting, and also streamlines the entirety of the search process.

The Interrogation: False Fear & False Hope

Well, this coming week we are going to pause our undirected and likely futile (though unfailingly addicting) search and we are going to walk into the office of a lender with what, to this stage, has been a dream and a hope. We, by choice mind you, will expose all of our financial secrets to a person with whom I am only moderately acquainted in order to determine the validity of that dream.

I am certain I have been subconsciously procrastinating in making this appointment because of the fear of exposing those personal details. Who really wants someone they don’t know all that well to analyze those choices? Though some do argue that it’s better to share all of that with someone you don’t know and may not see again, than someone you do know and will see often. People often choose real estate agents they don’t know for this same reason.

Trust and Empathy

For me it feels like the stakes are that much higher. I am in real estate after all, so won’t there be a long list of “you should have known better” and “don’t you understand how this works?”. Anxieties that are unfounded (I hope), but real enough. I have always been empathetic about this part of the process for folks. They not only have to expose themselves with all their financial realities to a lender, but they also have to expose much of that to me as well. Perhaps I am way over thinking this, which would not be at all out of character by the way, but to me entering the home buying process takes a level of bravery I had not fully appreciated.

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