Craigslist Rental Search: Check The Facts

Short and sweet here today. If you are in the market for a rental, and are searching on Craigslist (which is the best place to do so) you probably know already that you need to be vigilant about spam. Well, spam is not the only thing you need to look out for.

When searching Craigslist for rental properties you want to keep an eye out for discrepancies in the details in comparison to your search criteria as well. Here are two examples of what I mean (though surely not the only ones):


1: You search based on price and you come to an amazing set of photo’s, and everything is looking great. You show up for the appointment only to find out that the apartment you actually need space wise is $500 more a month than the listing specified. Always keep in eye out for large apartment complexes who will post listings at the lowest price they offer, then in the listing itself you will find something along the lines of “units starting at $$$”, with that dollar amount being the price listed in the ad title.


2: Pets: We are talking the “Cats: Purrr”, and the “Dogs: Woof” section of Craigslist. Don’t assume that this section represents the accurate details regarding the specific rental. Often times folks who post on Craigslist are agents, or property managers who post hundreds of Craigslist ads a year. Mistakes are made often, but in most cases the accurate information will be within the ad details themselves. That said it is always worth a call or an email to verify before making an appointment, or ignoring the ad altogether. Those most impacted by this will be folks who have a pet, and are searching accordingly. If the pets section of the ad is not entered properly by the listing party you could end up getting some false hope squashed once you get into the application process.

Much of the vetting and confirming will be on you as the potential tenant. It is often the case these days that folks on both sides will make numerous assumptions and significant details get left on the side until after much time an energy are spent.  Be your own best representative and be sure to verify that all your non-negotiable needs are met before you make the appointment.

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