Walk to Work – It’s Cold and You Look Stupid

This is a post for those out there  who walk to work. You either walk to work from home, or Metro in then walk, or I suppose you may even bike to work. You have probably noticed, it’s gotten cold already. Well, I have some things to say about that.

Living in Boston for three years, including 3 winters, taught me a few things about dealing with the cold while walking to work. At the time I was in the hotel business, so work for me meant wearing a suit. Suit pants may be woolen in nature, but somehow they manage to conduct cold, and increase wind speed. You might as well be nude quite frankly, because when the cold and wind hit it feels like you are anyway.

Walking in DC is not quite the same as walking in Boston, but here are a few things I learned:

  1. Humility is the mother of warmth
  2. Scarves are for men too. And no, they are not for style, they are to keep you warm for cryin’ out loud, and they do a right good job of it!
  3. Fleece pants beat out suit pants any (cold and windy) day of the week.
  4. Just wear the stupid face mask (15 degrees fahrenheit or less)
  5. Layers rule (nothing new here).

My sub-zero combo: Suit pants, button down shirt/tie, capilene pull-over, wool sweater, wind-stopper jacket, scarf (wrapped tight), heavy wool coat, hat, gloves, face mask (windy days), wool socks, fleece pants overtop of suit pants.

Sounds like I looked stupid you might say. No, I looked WARM. Let’s talk about the dude with purple ears, purple cheeks, a tossed on scarf, no hat, and his coat inexplicably unbuttoned. THAT person looks stupid. Just do what it takes to dress warm and let anyone else who won’t be jealous.

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