Relocating to DC? – Consider Renting First

For anyone relocating, or considering a relocation to the DC area my recommendation is almost always to rent first. Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland offer a wide array of viable communities, each with its own perks and drawbacks. There are a number of great school systems to choose from, and there are locations that are great if you are going to commute to DC yet less than stellar if you are going to commute to Tyson’s Corner and vice versa. Getting a feel for these differences takes time, and experience, and pays off in big ways.

For those with school age children this is a bit less pertinent but can still be helpful. You may opt to rent within the school district of choice, then take the year to really nail down a neighborhood in that district. However, for those who are single, are in partnership, are married without kids, or have kids who are not yet at school age renting first is almost a must if you are relocating to DC.

When relocating to DC please use a filter for advice as well. You may know some folks who already live in the area who LOVE their neighborhood. However their office may be right around the corner, while yours will be miles away. Trust me, this proximity weighs heavily in their opinion and a good fit for them, may not be a good fit for you.

Take advice from someone who only puts dinner on the table when you make the opposite choice.

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