Jefferson Village of Falls Church – A Northern Virginia Gem

On Sunday afternoon (October, 31) one group of small neighborhoods in Falls Church will come together in a showing of one of the best qualities they have to offer; family centered community.  Jefferson Village is among one of these neighborhoods that will participate in the annual Fall Fest and Halloween Parade at Greenway Downs Park. The event is not flashy (unless you are a sucker for bag pipes like my Scottish wife is), but it is a great example of why the Jefferson Village neighborhood in Falls Church is worth a look. I don’t live in either this or any of the adjoining neighborhoods, but I have friends in Jefferson Village, and they love it!

When we first purchased our home we said it would be our ‘starter’ home, but after two wonderful years in the neighborhood we cannot imagine living anywhere else in Northern Virginia. The people and relationships we have built in this amazing community are priceless and a larger house does not have the appeal that these relationships have.”

Laurie Harmer (Jefferson Village Resident)

Jefferson Village is a place that, depending on your take regarding the tear down and rebuild market, was actually protected by the changing market of the last few years. Just as attention was being turned toward Jefferson Village as the market peaked things turned quickly, and thus the neighborhood remains in tact with smaller homes, mature trees, and a great social community.

Curious to find out more about Jefferson Village? Here are a few links:


Middle School

High School

Jefferson Village Civic Association

Live in Jefferson Village or an adjoining neighborhood? Please post your thoughts below!

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