The Home Search – Where are the Pictures?

It has come time to search for a new home, case or your first home, or you are just a glutton for looking at real estate listings. Like over 85% of people out there the first place you go to start your home search is your computer. What is the number 1 thing you wantto see when you get there? The listing pictures! Video would be an even bigger plus, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

As consumers knowing that something is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths is not very meaningful. We want to know WHAT is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. How do we know this? With listing pictures, of course. However, as you probably know if you have done any sort of home search at all, there can be a significant void when it comes to pictures of the interior. This is especially true in our currently distressed market where short sales and foreclosures are so common since many of these listings have nothing more than an exterior shot, if that.

Believe it or not, yes, we are still having this conversation. I am here to acknowledge that you expect more, and to say that you absolutely should. Not only as a potential buyer, but one should expect more as a seller as well. [To the credit of those listing foreclosures, it is often stipulated in their listing agreement with the bank that interior pictures not be included in the marketing, though I think that is crazy.]

Here is my issue, at least in part. We are still having this dialogue, or at least should be, about not including pictures with listings, or not including enough of them (in the Northern Virginia and DC market agents are able to upload 30 pictures for FREE by the way). In the background though, the conversation is moving beyond pictures and into the realm of Video tours. If listing videos is where we are going, listing pictures is a non-negotiable, even for short sales and transitioning rental properties.

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