Alexandria Short Sales

The Beltway LifeAlexandria covers a much larger area than most people realize, order spanning well below the Beltway. As a result there are a many more short sale listings than in many other areas of Northern Virginia.

Increasingly, the short sale market is covering far more than the lower priced inventory. With a span starting below $100k and stretching to $1.5m+ there are short sale opportunities in nearly every tier of the market. The “Jumbo” Short Sale is actually a fast growing segment of the distressed market. The map below tends to stop at $999k for reasons I have not been able to uncover, but if you are interested in a more detailed set of results you can interact with the map to view the full short sale results.

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    At the time of this post Alexandria had a total of 1,456 listings, 209 of which were short sales.